How To Review Your NPQ (Nursing Practice Questions) Results

How Do I Review My Practice Questions Results?

After you take a practice quiz on, you'll get a detailed breakdown of all the questions you got as well as the correct answers and detailed rationales.
But where do you go from there? This guide will help! 🙌
(Make sure you have a piece of paper, so you can take notes about your results)

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To review a quiz, you can:

  1. Once logged into your account, click on the "Practice Questions" tab at the top of your Menu bar
  2. Select the "Past Quizzes" tab
  3. Choose the quiz that you're wanting to review and click "Review

If you got the question wrong...❌

  1. Before you look at the rationale, review the correct answer

    • Do you see what you did wrong?
    • Did you misread or misinterpret the question?
    • Did you miss a keyword?
    • Did you just not understand the topic?
    • Did you fall into a test-taking trap?
  2. Next, review the rationale

    • Make sure you understand why the right answer is right and why the wrong answers are wrong
    • Make note of the error you made or the misunderstanding you had
    • Make note of the Nursing Category
    • Make note of the topic and what body system is involved
    • Repeat with each question
  3. Review your overall results after taking at least 200 NPQ

    • Do you see any patterns?
    • Did you overthink on a lot of the questions?
    • Did you fall into the same test-taking trap repeatedly?
    • Are you missing key words in the questions?
  4. We recommend aiming for a score between 55-60% in each Category, so which Categories are you struggling with?

    • Is there a body system you’re consistently missing?
    • Do you seem to struggle with SATA or Prioritization questions?
    • Is your struggle specifically with Management of Care questions?

👉 Start Practicing 👈

If you got the question right...✔

  1. Read the rationale to solidify your knowledge

    • Make sure you got it right for the right reasons and not because you guessed
    • Once you understand what happened, MOVE ON. Don’t spend too much time on the questions you answered correctly.
  2. Focus on identified areas of weakness (categories scored less than 55-60%)

    • Review pertaining material related to the questions you missed
    • Take 25-50 NPQ in each of your 3-4 lowest Nursing Categories to improve your results in those categories

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