I am logged in, but the video cuts off.

It says I need to sign up to continue, but I am already a member.

We actually have 4 different products on NURSING.com. The outlines in other products are open to EVERYONE, as well as a 1 minute video preview.

What might be happening is that you are in a lesson that is not a part of your specific product.

When you are using the search on NURSING.com the default will pull up lessons from the product you purchased, but you may have found a lesson that is in a different stage.

Here are the 4 different stages and a link to learn more about what is within each product:

We also have the NURSING.com Bundle which includes all the products above.

Please reach out right away if NONE of your videos will play - just email contact@nursing.com

Happy Nursing

Mar 9, 2021

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