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Can I use while I'm still in my nursing program?

Absolutely, 100%, YES!!! 🙌

SOME of the tools available on 🛠

  1. Test Taking Course to help you break down those tricky NCLEX style questions

  2. 6,500+ NCLEX style practice questions

  3. Tons of content - click here to take a peek at the Courses we have covered!

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  4. Cheatsheets to help you remember the most critical information

  5. Mnemonics - who doesn't love a good mnemonic to help with memorization? 😎

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How to use during school 🔨

At the beginning of a semester, use the Study Plan feature to locate Lessons that apply to what you'll be learning in class and add them to your Study Plan! You can even search by concept if you're in a concept based program!

Here's a video that will show you how to create a Study Plan:

Before Class: Review the Lessons for the topics you'll be learning in class and utilize the Study Tools such as the Lesson Outlines, Sheatsheets and Pathocharts

During Class: Take Notes! Anything that doesn't make sense to you, ASK QUESTIONS!

After Class: Review the Lessons again and take the practice questions linked to the Lessons. Make any further notes your professor wants you to know on your cheatsheets or pathocharts (because they are printable! 🔥). If you need further clarification, review that lesson in your textbook, ask your professor, or ask your peers for help. If you have an active subscription, you can also post your questions in our private Facebook Group, too!

Before the Test: Review the Lessons again, take the practice questions, then review the rationales. Also, find a buddy and teach that topic to them to see if you really understand the subject well enough to teach it to others.

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