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  What are Study Plans?

Think of Study Plans as a nursing students' playlist. 🎵
You'll be able to create and customize "playlists" of Lessons on nursing topics that you're covering in class which will help you get organized and SAVE TIME which, as we all know, is critical in nursing school.

Ain't nobody got time to be searching for hours!! 👎

So, compile all the Lessons that you need once, and they'll be ready for you when you're ready to study. 🔥

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  How do I create a Study Plan?

Watch this video! 👇

  How do I edit my Study Plan?

To edit an existing Study Plan, you can click on the pencil icon next to the Study Plan name.

  How do I delete a Study Plan?

To delete a Study Plan, you can click on the trash icon next to the Study Plan name.

  Can I share my Study Plan with my friends/classmates?

You absolutely can! To share your Study Plan with a buddy, you can click on the connector icon to copy/paste the link to share.

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  Can my friend/classmate add my shared Study Plan into their account?

They definitely can! Once they click on the link that you gave them, and once they login, they'll see an option to add to their account.

  How do I add a Lesson into my Study Plan from the Lesson Page?

If you're looking through the Lessons and realize you want to add a Lesson into your Study Plan, here's a shortcut that you can take to make your life wayyy easier!

Just click the "+ Study Plan" icon under the Lesson Video and choose the Study Plan that you want to add it to. 😎

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  Can I access my Study Plan on the app?

The app layout works a bit differently than desktop, so, unfortuantely, at the moment, there's not a way to view Study Plans via the app...😥

But, if mobile is more convenient for you, you can log into your account through a mobile browser on your phone and access your Study Plans that way! 😁

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