Where Can I Find the E-Books That Come with My NURSING.com Subscription?

I can't find the e-books that come with my subscription - where are they?

The e-books that come with your subscription can be found within your Lessons.
The e-books are linked to multiple related Lessons, so you can actually find the e-books linked in multiple Lessons on NURSING.com!

To see which Lessons have an e-book attached, go to your Courses Tab at the top of your Menu Bar. When you click a Course, the Course preview will pop up showing you all the Lessons within that Course as well as details about each Lesson such as if there are any books linked - check out the picture below! 👇


Once you find and select the Lesson with the book you're looking for, under the "Study Tools" section, you'll be able to access the e-book!


Or...just click any of these Lesson links to quickly find the specific e-book you're looking for 😎:

📘 140 Must Know Meds
📕 63 Must Know Lab Values
📙 Nursing Assessment
📗 Nursing Mnemonics - SURPRISE! 🎉 We turned our Mnemonic Book into an entire Course AND we've added more mnemonics since the book was published.

Or are you on our NCLEX Prep plan and looking for your Comprehensive NCLEX Review e-book? Click here!

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