Billing and Subscription Plans

What if I’m on a monthly plan?

Monthly subscriptions are billed automatically every month, for the subscription amount, until cancellation of the subscription.

What if I’m on an installment plan?

  • Our current installment plans are on a payment schedule of $82 a month for 6 months. After you've completed those 6 payments, you will get the following 18 months FREE, giving you a total of 2 years of access.
  • You can cancel at any time prior to making all 6 payments.
  • After completing the 6 monthly payments, you will not be billed further but will continue to have access to the resources for your plan.

Can I extend my installment plan?

No. At this time, there is no option to extend the bundle or 2 Year Plan. If your subscription ends, you will need to re-subscribe.

How do I change plans?

  • To change plans, and depending on when your current billing cycle ends, you will need to cancel your existing plan, then sign up for the plan you'd like.
  • There is no upgrading, downgrading, or prorating. Any payments made on previous subscriptions cannot be retroactively applied to another subscription.
  • Depending on when your current billing cycle ends, we recommend waiting until your current subscription expires, before signing up for another subscription to avoid potential overlap of access.

Can I pause my account?

No. If you need to temporarily suspend your subscription, you will need to cancel and sign back up when you’re ready.

Please note that some plans may no longer be available to sign back up on as they are subject to change per's discretion.

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Feb 4, 2021

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