Does Cover Nursing Care Plans (NCP)?

Β  I'm looking for resources to help me with Care Plans - does have any?

We most certainly do!
In fact, we have an entire Nursing Care Plan Course on! πŸ™Œ


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Β  Quick Facts About This Course

Our Nursing Care Plan Course will show you the most effective way to write a Nursing Care Plan and how to use Nursing Care Plans in the clinical setting.
PLUS, it contains examples of Nursing Care Plans for all the major body systems and some of the most common disease processes.

βœ” Care Plan Lessons Covered: 151
βœ” Cheatsheets: 139
βœ” Practice Questions Available: 411
βœ” All Care Plans created by practicing ED/ICU nurses with Masters Degrees

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Β Does this Course include NANDA?

This course takes a different approach to nursing care plans. We do not include NIC, NOC, or NANDA . . . why?
You aren't every really going to use these outside of nursing school. Instead, we take the medical diagnosis and collect subjective and objective data. With that information, we walk you through interventions you might consider in caring for the patient.

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