Should I get the Monthly, 1 Year, or 2 Year Plan?

Which of your plans is the best option for me?

All of our plans can be cancelled at any time (after 1 month, 3 months, etc).

Our bundle plans are designed to help you save money. They are packaged for students that would like access to all of our videos and questions throughout nursing school. However, if you only need access to our materials for a short amount of time and don't need our NCLEX prep material then our Monthly plan is your best option.

If you want to include our NCLEX Prep or you need more than 6 months than you will definitely save money using either our 1 Year + NCLEX® or 2 Years + NCLEX® plans.


$39/month, cancel anytime


  • 2000+ video lessons
  • 6,000+ practice NCLEX® questions
  • 350+ nursing cheat sheets
  • 400+ Picmonics (requires Picmonic account)
  • 300+ 3D anatomy models
  • 700+ medical images
  • 150+ nursing care plans
  • 5 ebooks

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1 Year + NCLEX®

$82/month x 3 months, then 9 months free (Overall you pay $246 and get 1 year of access)


2 Years + NCLEX®

$82/month x 6 months, then 18 months free (Overall you pay $492 and get 2 years of access)


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