Should I get the Nursing Student Academy or the Bundle?

The Nursing Student Academy is a month to month subscription that contains everything you need to help you get through nursing school. The Bundle includes all the material from the Nursing Student Academy and adds on everything you need for NCLEX Prep, bundled into a payment plan to help you save money.

Nursing Student Academy

$39/monoth, cancel anytime


  • 1,200+ video lessons
  • 6,000+ practice NCLEX® questions
  • 350+ nursing cheat sheets
  • 400+ Picmonics (requires Picmonic account)
  • 300+ 3D anatomy models
  • 700+ medical images
  • 150+ nursing care plans
  • 5 ebooks

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$82/month x 6 months, then 180 months free (Overall you pay $492 and get 2 years of access

  • Everything from the Nursing Student Academy listed above
  • 5 SIMCLEX® (simulation NCLEX® exams)
  • 300+ lesson comprehensive NCLEX® review course
  • 6,000+ practice NCLEX® questions
  • 400+ page NCLEX® review ebook
  • 4 NCLEX® study plans

This plan will help you navigate nursing school, prep for your NCLEX, transition to the floor as a new nurse and even serve as a "refresher" for skills/knowledge on the floor as a new nurse.

Feb 7, 2021