ScrubCheats FAQ

Does the ScrubCheats App come with my subscription?

No. The ScrubCheats App does not come with your subscription.

To have full access to the Scrubcheats Starter Pack, you will have to purchase the upgrade starting at $4.99.

For an additional purchase, we also have available:

  • Lab Expansion One
  • Mnemonics Expansion Once
  • Pharmacology: Cardiac Meds

Is the ScrubCheats App content the same as in the physical ScrubCheats?

Yes! The content in the ScrubCheats App is the same as the physical ScrubCheats.

The information in the physical ScrubCheats is formatted to specifically meet the needs for clinicals, and to also fit on a pocket-sized sheet!

Can I have the ScrubCheats App upgrade on more than one device?

Yes! You are able to use the ScrubCheats app on multiple devices.

This will only work if it's the same type of device and if you're logged in with the same account. For example, you are able to use the Scrubcheats App on two or more Apple devices. However, you can't transfer an Apple purchase to an Android device or vice versa. This is due to the fact that Apple and Android run entirely on different platforms.

How to add the ScrubCheats App to a new device:
1. Download the ScrubCheats App
2. Log into your ScrubCheats account
3. Tap the diamond icon in the lower right corner
4. Find what you've purchased on your other device
5. Select "Restore a Past Purchase"

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