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Will I get a certificate of completion after completing a Course?

While we'd be so honored to tag along on your journey, and while there is a feature on our site that will help you track your progress throughout the Courses, we do not offer Certificates of Completion after completing any of our Courses on 😥

Does fill out affidavits of completion?

We do not fill out affidavits of completion required to submit to the Board.

Do the Courses count towards CE credits?

Taking Courses on would not count towards CE credits, but check out our Ultimate Guide to Nursing License Renewal and CEU's! 👇

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We have many practicing nurses who utilize our resources to help them get a refresher on certain topics like Med-Surg and Pharm! So, if you're a seasoned nurse just looking for content to help you get a refresher, you should sign up for our FREE trial so you can see all the content that you can get a refresher on!

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Or, if you're a brand new nurse, we also have an entire New Grad section that will help you navigate through your First Year in Nursing and more!

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