Do you guarantee your program?

Do you offer a Money-Back Guarantee on your program?

Yes we do! We have so much confidence in our ability to prepare you for the NCLEX® that we guarantee it 200%!

To qualify for the Money-Back Guarantee, you only have to do two things:

  1. Pass ONE SIMCLEX™ exam.
  2. Contact us within 60 days to request that refund. (Please make sure to have an official copy of your results so we can verify!)

That's it! We truly want you to be successful and be the nurse we know you are, and we are 200% confident this is the best way. If you pass at least one SIMCLEX® exam, and fail the NCLEX®, we will pay you back 200% the payments made toward your NCLEX® Prep subscription!

Our Money-Back Guarantee only applies to plans with our NCLEX® Prep Materials:
2 Years + NCLEX® and 1 Year + NCLEX®.

Still have questions??
Check out our Money-Back Guarantee FAQ!

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