I Can't Afford These Payments

What if I can't afford these payments?

We definitely understand the financial strain that nursing school can put on a student. That’s precisely why we try our best to keep the cost as low as possible, while still being able to make updates and additions to NURSING.com. We genuinely want to help as many students as we can to succeed and be the best nurse they can be!

With that being said, we offer a ton of FREE RESOURCES such as:

  1. Blogs: We have some incredible blog posts written by our excellent team of nurses that provide academic tips and some entertainment as well.
  2. Podcasts: If you have a little extra time in the car, you have to check out our podcasts! They cover a huge range of topics, from getting into nursing school to NCLEX® prep. We also have the mobile Radio Podcast App, too.
  3. Cheatsheets: Quick study tool and reference.
  4. Nursing Care Plans: To help you be the best nurse you can be.
  5. NCLEX® Practice Question Tests: To give you confidence that you CAN pass the NCLEX®.
  6. Nursing Practice Questions®: So you can master any topic.
  7. Nursing Mnemonics: Memorization has never been this easy.
  8. Nursing FAQ's: To help get you started.
  9. Multiple Study Guides: Including Pharm, EKG Interpretation, Labs and Fluid & Electrolytes.

We’re here for you and happy to help in any way!

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