Pricing and Products is one clear and concise learning platform for every step of your nursing journey, specifically: Pre-Nursing, Nursing Student, NCLEX Prep, and New Grad.

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For these reasons, we have 4 different products available for all 4 of those stages:


Not in nursing school yet but 100% your dream and goal to get there? Then this product is 100% for you! Pre-Nursing Academy will help you crush the HESI®-A2 or TEAS® exam and develop a rock solid understanding of nursing school prep courses in one place. Pre-Nursing Academy comes will give you access to Courses such as:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Medical Terminology
  • Nursing School Preparation
  • Nutrition
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Human Growth and Development

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Nursing Student

Why should you pick this plan if you're a current nursing student? Because our students have shown improvement in their lowest grade by 15% or more! They're able to do this because our education style helps to fill in the gaps, increase understanding, and conquer feelings of overwhelm in nursing school. Click here to start your $1, 3-day trial!


So, you've gotten into and crushed nursing school - now there's only one thing standing in the way of YOU and R.N : The NCLEX®. Dun dun dun....🎵
Luckily for you, you found NCLEX Prep Academy! You now have everything that you need to successfully prepare AND crush the NCLEX®! Click here to start your $1, 3-day trial!

New Grad

So, you've gotten into nursing school, made it through nursing school, and passed the NCLEX® - now what...? Now you put everything you learned into practice!
I get it,'s terrifying - this is the real deal now! You have to apply for jobs (eek!) and then you have to work on actual patients. Someone's LIFE is now going to be in your hands. Do you feel qualified and capable? You should. Because you are.
AND New Grad Academy is available to help you through!

Courses included are:

  • Intro to Emergency Nursing
  • IV Insertion Course
  • Transition to Nursing Practice
  • Nursing Report & Communication
  • Career Planning & Job Selection
  • Career & Job Preparation
  • CPR-BLS, Advanced Life Support & Resuscitation
  • Nursing Documentation & Report
  • Your First Year in Nursing

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Our Bundle comes with all 4 Academies:

and you get them all for 2 years!
Our Bundle will literally take you through your entire nursing journey from start to finish!

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Feb 6, 2021