When Does SIMCLEX® End?

When will the SIMCLEX® test end?

SIMCLEX® is a real-life NCLEX® exam simulator!

Unlike other “simulators” that just blast random questions at you, this actually increases and decreases in difficulty, based on which questions you’ve got right and wrong.
It will also STOP when the test has determined if you have passed or failed, stopping anywhere from 75 to 265 questions just like the NCLEX®!
There is a 6 hour time limit as well, so if you're still not finished by that point, the test will automatically stop.


Due to COVID-19, we have changed the rules our SIMCLEX® follows just as the NCSBN has done for the actual NCLEX®.
Now, SIMCLEX® will go anywhere between 60-130 questions and will be 4 hours long.

Here's our Massive Updates to NCLEX due to COVID-19 YouTube video for a more in-depth explanation.

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