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What is Next Gen? 😖

Next Gen is causing A LOT of buzz and fear among nursing students, and we always fear what we don't understand.
So, let's break down this enigma to lessen the anxiety about what's coming so there will be no surprises.

Next Gen are changes that will be made to the NCLEX® starting April 2023 - 5 new NCLEX® question formats will be added in the exam.

✔ Extended Multiple Response
✔ Extended Drag and Drop
✔ Cloze (drop down)
✔ Enhanced Hot Spot
✔ Matrix (grid)

  • 3 of the “new” NCLEX® question types already exist and the new format is just adjusting delivery (multiple response, drag and drop, hot spot)

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Why the changes?

The NCSBN (National Council State Boards of Nursing) creates and administers the NCLEX® and are, therefore, responsible for determining safe practice of new nurses.

One study found that 50% of new nurses were involved in practice errors, so the NCSBN planned for these changes starting in 2012 to better measure clinical judgement and better gauge new nurse readiness for practice.

It was determined that creating new questions types might improve their ability to gauge readiness to work on the hospital floor.

How will it work?

You'll be given a case study and then be asked 6 questions based on the case study.
Each question will be based on what the NCSBN is calling the "Cognitive Aspects of Clinical Decision Making", and you'll be asked one question PER cognitive aspect.

What are the Cognitive Aspects of Clinical Decision Making? 👇

Essentially, in the most simple terms, the Cognitive Aspects of Clinical Decision Making are a fancy way of referring to . . . .The Nursing Process! 😎
We know that you're familiar with that, so, if you understand the Nursing Process (assess, diagnose, plan, implement, evaluate) you'll do just fine on this!

But, if you're a little rusty, no worries - we have you covered! 👇
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Will implement these changes to their site?

Absolutely! While we haven't implemented any changes to our site yet, things are in the works and we're keeping a close eye on updates from the NCSBN about Next Gen as we absolutely do plan on making the necessary updates!

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Can help me NOW to prepare for NGN without updates?

YES! 🙌 We can most definitely still help you even if updates have not been pushed live on the site yet. How...?

📚 Reliable content & successfully proven teaching methods

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All of our content is created and methodically reviewed before being pushed live by practicing nurses. Why should this matter?
Because they have first hand knowledge of WHAT you need to know to be the safest, most competent, nurse that you can be. They just treated a patient yesterday that had xyz and they know how to care for that patient in the best way possible.
So even without an updated NSCBN test plan, you can count on our content to provide you with the MOST important information to be a great NEW nurse.

Teaching Methods:

Besides getting reliable content, we teach the WHY behind the WHAT, and this is essential for critical thinking. You can’t apply what you don’t understand AND you can’t just memorize it!
We are also multi-modal which means that we teach using different methods that can help the knowledge sink in more thoroughly and can help you more easily recall what you know.

NCLEX Practice Questions

All of our questions are written and edited by NCSBN trained question writers - who better to get question practice from than from an Educator trained by the organization who creates the NCLEX®? 🔥

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Don't let Next Gen paralyze you with fear - you CAN do this! ❤

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