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If you're wondering where to get started or how to use to prepare for your NCLEX®, here's how to use our CRUSH IT Method in your studies:

CRUSH IT Method:

Create a Quiz
Review Results
Utilize lessons
Single out areas of weakness
Hone in on weak areas for quizzing

Identify test taking traps

Here's a breakdown of how to implement those steps in more detail:
  • Start by reviewing the Test Taking Course FIRST
  • Take about 200 Nursing Practice Questions (NPQ) using the "Select All" to select all the Categories
  • Review every quiz you take
  • Refer to the Related Lessons if needed when reviewing your quizzes
  • View your Practice Questions Dashboard to identify your areas of weakness (any Category not between 55%-60%)
  • Take 50 practice questions in each of your areas of weakness by selecting the specific Categories in your "Create Quiz" tab
  • Identify any test taking traps you may have fallen into when reviewing your quizzes
  • Once you are confidently scoring between 55%-60% in all Categories, take a SIMCLEX®
  • Review SIMCLEX® results

Remember, every student is different in what they need and where they should focus - spend time in the areas you need to the most.

And, if you have any questions at all, just send a message your Customer Success Team at and they would be super excited to help you out!

You CAN do this!!!

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