and LPN/LVNs

Can help me as a PN student?

Most definitely! is a great tool for both RNs and LPNs!

While some of our materials are designed for RN students, we have many PN users that are using our materials with great success!
In fact, Educators have integrated our resources into their programs to help their LPN students. ­čöą

To explain a little further, the base knowledge required to become an RN or a PN is similar - the difference is how that knowledge is applied in practice.

The NCLEX-PN® focuses on gathering information while the NCLEX-RN® focuses more on assessing patients and creating care plans.

Since the education style focuses on giving you a better understanding of that base knowledge it will help both the RN and the PN apply that knowledge in the method appropriate for their practice. ­čÖî

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Does have specific NCLEX-PN® prep resources?

While we currently don't have a specific NCLEX-PN® Prep Course, we do have:

  • NCLEX Prep Course: our Educators have narrowed down the 2,000+ Lessons on and provided you with 349 of the must know lessons for the NCLEX┬«.
  • Test Taking Course: an entire course dedicated to helping you get into the mindset of taking exams as well as how to answer those tricky NCLEX┬« style questions

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  • Nursing Practice Questions: a question bank of 6,500+ NCLEX┬« style practice questions, all written by NCSBN trained question writers, that will allow you to increase your knowledge while building your confidence (the content is targeted for NCLEX-RN, however, all required PN content is present)
  • SIMCLEX┬«: SIMCLEX┬« is our computer adaptive NCLEX┬« simulator that follows the same rules and algorithms that the NCLEX┬« uses!

Would SIMCLEX® help me for my NCLEX-PN®?

We do not currently have a SIMCLEX® that is designed to provide specific PN based questions - the content is targeted for NCLEX-RN, however, all required PN content is present.

The rules and algorithms that SIMCLEX® uses for the exam are the same as those don't change whether it's the NCLEX-RN® or NCLEX-PN® since they're both CAT exams, so, it would be extremely useful for you as a PN student to take a SIMCLEX® to get the feel of what a CAT exam is like!

To explain a bit further, if you get a question that is talking about an assessment on an acute or chronic illness and how you would proceed, you'll have to understand that question from the perspective of a PN and not an RN as PNs do not do assessments.
The base information of that question will help you to understand that perspective which is to identify those signs and symptoms, but the answer/rationale may be from the point of view of what an RN would do.

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Does the Money Back Guarantee still apply to me if I'm studying for the NCLEX-PN?

Absolutley! If you're subscribed to one of our NCLEX Prep Plans, pass a SIMCLEX┬«, but fail the NCLEX-PN┬«, you can definitely be eligible for the Money Back Guarantee! ­čÖî

Which plan should I sign up for?

Depending on where you are in your journey, we have a few different plans that can fit your exact circumstance! ­čśÄ
And, best of all, most of our plans come with a FREE 3-day trial that will give you FULL access to explore prior to actually subscribing.

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