I'm a Repeat Test Taker - Can NURSING.com Help Me?

 Can NURSING.com help me if I've taken the NCLEX before?

We have many repeat test takers that have come to us feeling defeated, discouraged, and stressed (does that sound like you...? 💔), but have left feeling motivated and passionate AND have found success with their NCLEX! 🎉

We do have a 99.86% NCLEX Pass Rate after all...😁
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As difficult as it is to have perspective when you're feeling so down, being a repeat test taker means that you now have experience that new grads won't have when they take their NCLEX.

You know what to expect now - there will be no surprises. So, use that experience to your advantage and give yourself some credit!

 I've been out of school for many years...can NURSING.com help me with my NCLEX?

And way to keep the flame alive! Even though it's been some years, you're here, looking for resources to help you achieve your dream!

You're probably feeling super nervous since it's been some time since you've thought about nursing and you may even be comparing yourself to new grad students who have recent study and test taking skills.

Students freshly graduated may have study skills ironed out a bit more than you maybe, not always is that the case, but you went through years of school, too, and developed the same skills, so they're in there - we just have to dust them off a bit! 😉

 Resources 🔨

The first step towards preparing for your next go is to boost you up! We need to find you some confidence and get you in the right state of mind! ❤
So, check out these resources! 👇

Then...once you've caught your breath a bit, the next step would be to start a FREE 3-day trial to check out all the resources that NURSING.com has to help you successfully prepare for your next go!

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 How will NURSING.com help me?

With your 3-day trial, you can review your CPR (Candidate Performance Report) that's sent to you by the NCSBN that tells you what aspects of the exam you fell below the passing standard on, and take practice questions on those specific NCLEX Categories!


Figuring out what happened in your exam is critical to knowing what your next steps are.

Do you struggle with test taking?

The Struggle:

  • Do SATA questions send shivers down your spine?
  • Did you feel that you read into a lot of the questions?
  • Do you feel you struggle with prioritization?

The Solution:

  • Our Test Taking Course! This Course covers Test Taking Strategies to help you break down these tricky NCLEX style questions, but also gives you question practice!

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Was it a test anxiety struggle?

The Struggle:

  • Did you feel you knew your stuff prior to taking the NCLEX, but then went completely blank during the exam?

The Solution:

Here are a few resources that will give you some great tips on how to cope with test anxiety:


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