Why are SIMCLEX® attempts limited?

On July 30th, 2019, we released a brand new version of SIMCLEX®: a patent-pending, computer adaptive NCLEX® simulator. It should be used specifically near the end of preparation as a gauge for NCLEX® readiness. To provide the most accurate simulator possible, SIMCLEX® attempts are limited. Because of its adaptive method, SIMCLEX® is always going to keep you at a level of question difficulty that's close to your level. It's a great predictive tool, but not the only way to take practice questions.

That's why we recommend utilizing SIMCLEX® less and Nursing Practice Questions® (NPQ®) more because the NPQ® will ensure that you are getting the widest variety of questions spanning all levels of difficulty, which will help build confidence.
Taking NPQ®'s is also the best way to determine your areas of weakness so you can identify content to review!

How many questions are on the SIMCLEX®?

The SIMCLEX® is computer adaptive and will cut off when it's 95% confident that the user will either Pass or Fail based on the passing standard, just like the NCLEX®. This can happen anywhere between 75 and 265 questions.

Click here for a more in-depth explanation of how this adaptive test works.

Is there still a Money-Back Guarantee?

Absolutely! Depending on your plan, you can still qualify for a Money-Back Guarantee!

Check out our Money-Back Guarantee FAQ for answers about our Money-Back Guarantees!

What happens if I take all my SIMCLEX® exams and then fail NCLEX®? Will you be able to take it again after reviewing again?

If you don't pass your NCLEX® on your first attempt, you can submit a request for our Money-Back Guarantee.
If you'd like additional SIMCLEX® exams, they can be purchased for $49 per exam directly from within your NCLEX® Prep Dashboard!

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