The SIMCLEX® exam that I just took didn't work as reported.

SIMCLEX® must be taken in one sitting.

We want you to have as accurate and realistic an NCLEX experience as possible, so please make sure to:

  1. Set aside a couple hours of dedicated time to complete the SIMCLEX® exam
    1. Make sure you have as little distractions as possible
    2. ie. Turn off your phone notifications, isolate yourself in another room, turn off the TV, etc.
  2. Use a desktop/laptop to take SIMCLEX®
    1. Taking SIMCLEX® via a mobile browser could cause connection issues leading to SIMCLEX® errors depending on how strong/weak your internet signal is
    2. But also...NCLEX is taken via a desktop, so we highly recommend taking SIMCLEX® via a desktop, too

A few more things to keep in mind is, if the test is open and left idle for over 30 minutes, it could time out causing your results to be lost.

If a SIMCLEX® test times out, the following could occur:

  • Timer malfunction

  • The exam may give you more than 145 questions

  • Your results will not be accurate

  • Your results may be completely lost

If you have any questions about your SIMCLEX® exam, please reach out to your Customer Success Team at

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