Technical Support

  • Clearing Cache in Chrome

    How do I clear my cache in Chrome? How To: Open your Chrome browser on your computer Hold down "Ctrl" then type the letter "H" which will open your history In the left column, select the link "Clear browsing data" Choose which data to clear then click the button "Clear data" How To ...
  • Clearing Cache in Firefox

    How do I clear the cache in Firefox? How To: Open the menu in the top right corner in Firefox Select the "History" link Select "Clear recent history" Select a time range then click the button "Clear now" Return to the Help Center
  • Report an Issue

    How do I report an issue within the system? That's an excellent question! If you come across any issue in the system, just message us via the Chat Bubble on our site! 🙌 If we are not available to respond right away, no worries! Your message will still reach us, and we'll get back to you as s...