What is the cost of the 2 Years + NCLEX® Plan?

  What is the cost of the 2 Years + NCLEX® Plan?

The 2 Years + NCLEX® is $82 per month for 6 months then you get an additional 18 months FREE for total access of 2 years. The system will charge you monthly until the 6th payment, then payments will stop and you will get an additional 18 more months of access.

Do I have to pay for all 6 payments?
No, you do not.  You can cancel at any time directly from inside your account.

How do the payments work?
When you sign up for the $1-3 Day Trial, if you do not cancel before the end of the 72 hours trial, you will be charged $82 immediately after the trial.  You'll be billed for a total of 6 payments of $82. After the 6th and final full payment, the system will stop billing you but you will continue to have access for 18 more months.  Overall you get 2 years of access to your Bundle subscription.

Can I make a one time payment?
Yes- If you pay $492 for the 6 months upfront you will immediately have the 2-year access to your Bundle subscription. To do this you will have to reach out to contact@nursing.com.

What does the 2 Years + NCLEX® Plan includes?
The 2 Years + NCLEX® Plan includes materials for these 4 ctical stages of the nursing journey:

  • Pre-Nursing Material
  • Nursing Student Material
  • NCLEX Prep Material (5 SIMCLEX Tests)
  • New Grad Material

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May 4, 2021

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