What is the cost of the NURSING.com Bundle?

  Do I have to make all 6 payments for the NURSING.com bundle?

The NURSING.com Bundle can work like a payment plan OR a monthly subscription!  That means that you can just pay month to month and cancel anytime.  Once you have paid for a month it is yours, but you can always cancel and stop any future payments.

NURSING.com Bundle is also a payment plan.  If you want to use NURSING.com throughout all of nursing school, or while you start work you can make 6 installment payments during your first 6 months and then get 18 months free.

Here are a few common questions that we get.

Do I have to pay for all 6 payments?
    No, you do not.  You can cancel at any time from directly inside your account.

Can I pay for just one year?
    We do not currently have a 1-year plan.  Here are a couple of other options that might work for you.

  • Sign up for the Nursing Student Academy ($39/month) which is a month to month subscription. 
  • Sign up for the Nursing Student Academy ($39/month) which is a month to month subscription. Use it as needed, then cancel as you get closer to graduation and sign up for our NCLEX® Prep Academy (3 payment of $99 for 6 months access).
  • Sign up for 6 months of access to the NCLEX® Prep Academy if you want to use the system for NCLEX Prep.
  • Sign up for the NURSING.com Bundle and use it through graduation and during your first year as a practicing nurse.

Can I cancel after 1 month?
    Yes, you can cancel at any time.

Can I pause payments and resume later?
    The system will not allow you to automatically restart payments where you left off if you cancel.  HOWEVER, you can reach out to us directly contact@nursing.com or via chat for options.

Do you make just one payment of $82?
    No there are 6 installment payments of $82.  The system will charge you monthly until the 6th payment, then payments will stop and you will get 18 more months of access.

How do the payment work?
    When you sign up you will be charged $82 every month for 6 months.  After that final payment, the system will stop billing you but continue your access for 18 more months.  Overall you get 2 years of access.

How does the NURSING.com Bundle plan work?

  • Cost - $492 for 2 years of access
  • Payments - 6 payments of $82
  • Content- Full NCLEX® review + full content to help your through nursing school
  • Other - you can cancel anytime, so you can pay $82 for just one month of access

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Nov 7, 2020