Can I Purchase Just SIMCLEX® Exams?

Can I purchase access to just SIMCLEX® by itself?

SIMCLEX® is, unfortunately, not available for individual purchase...😥

In order to get access to SIMCLEX®, you would need to sign up for a subscription that gives you access to SIMCLEX® such as:

  • 2 Year + NCLEX
    • Still in your program, but thinking ahead? This is the plan for you!
  • 60 Day NPQ+SIMCLEX
    • Taking the NCLEX within the next 2 months? This plan has your name written all over it!
  • 180 Day NPQ+SIMCLEX
    • Preparing for the NCLEX, but it's still just a ways out? Choose this plan!


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One reason why SIMCLEX® is not available for individual purchase because we offer a very special 200% Money-Back Guarantee that can students can claim if they don't pass their NCLEX® after passing their SIMCLEX®.


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However, our Content and practice question database are HUGE parts of what helps students be sooo successful - 99.86% successful to be exact - (click here to find out more). We focus on the "must know" content for NCLEX® which allows you to save time studying and ensure that you will really know what you need to know to be a great nurse!

So, its's the combination of SIMCLEX® and our NCLEX Prep content that makes our program 200% effective. 😉

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